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Mastery of Self Expression: The Workshop

Do what you always do and you’ll get what you always get.

Since it began in 1976 over 30,000 people from all walks of life have participated in the Mastery of Self Expression workshop in over 25 cities world-wide. What people drawn to the workshop all have in common is a desire for greater self-fulfilment.

Designed for anyone who feels they would like to access more of themselves, The Mastery offers a safe and supportive space for individuals to explore new ways of being, to reinvent and recreate themselves and to discover what already works about them. Experience upon experience compounds ‘the truths’ we hold about ourselves. The clichés of this conditioning in turn become our own personal, unconscious reality and for better or worse fashion our expectations.

The Mastery offers participants the opportunity to do themselves differently; to experience what they are capable of beyond learned limits and comfort zones; to explore choices and tools beyond any external or self –imposed blocks; to explore how to bring more inner resource, more feeling, more passion, more creativity in to their lives.

Over the course of the weekend participants explore exactly where they are in their lives, right now, what might be blocking them, what they might be carrying from the past and what they would like more of in the future. And rather than discuss techniques and theories The Mastery offers participants opportunity upon opportunity to get up and do it, to explore creativity in action and – do themselves differently.

Some results most frequently reported by participants include:
Greater confidence and self-belief
Increased self awareness
Improved relationships
Clearer sense of vision and direction in life
Greater ability to assert oneself
Increased ability to communicate expressively
Greater understanding of limiting patterns of behaviour
Rekindling of joy and enthusiasm for life
Improved ability to make decisions and choices
Being able to live your own life and not someone else’s expectation

The Mastery has been used by individuals on their own personal journeys and also by many businesses, which have found the course fits well into a programme of continued professional development. The Mastery was a core component in the Open University’s Creativity in Education Course forming part of their further teacher-training programme counting towards an MA in Education.

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” George Bernard Shaw, philosopher, playwright, author  

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