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The Mastery of Self Expression - participant testimonials

"Since the course I have been able to be more up front, honest and straight with people"
Suzanne Kendall

"I expected the weekend to be fun, energetic and creative. It surpassed my expectations in the way I felt moved by the experience. I certainly came out of my comfort zone to play myself differently. I gained openness and I discovered the possibility and opportunity for creation perhaps for the first time ever."
Denise Mulligan

"A better awareness of my emotions and what is possible."
Michael Fiducia

"Where to start..?! I have gained such confidence and self-esteem such as I have dreamed of but never thought could be achieved in such a short time. I cannot fully express what I have gained - it feels infinite. I wanted inspiration, I wanted to be seen in my full creative spirit and I wanted to break through my emotional and intellectual barriers. I certainly got this and more. The Mastery has made me feel alive and happy to be so."
Matthew Perkins

"I had high expectations as I knew people who had done it before. I gained a sense of myself. This feels like a 6th sense on from the usual 5! I feel like Alice, I fell into a new space that made me grow and I'm still growing and can't stop! The relationship has increased between me as a person and my drawing, it's not just an external physical relationship now it's an internal emotional relationship too. Learning to take myself seriously. I have not felt this free ever before physically or mentally."
Felicity Truscott

“I have gained a feeling of freedom to express myself and enjoy life. I have come away from the course with a sense of excitement about what is out there.”
Alistair Hazell

“I have gained a real sense of fearlessness. I feel I can face anything and anyone and say what I feel and think without fear. I can now look at how I’m being and make choices as to how I want to show up in the world.”
Jennifer Beaumont–Whyte

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